Is your appendix on the right or left side of your body?

Answer Appendix is on the right, but knowing that won't rule out much. If you are concerned about abdominal pain seek medical advice!!

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Gas in the human body, what is it.?

Methane gas from decomposing material in the intestinal tract, and you breathe out carbon dioxide.

Professions Associated With the Human Body?

Professions working with humans are some that will never experience a recession. Doctors, surgeons and funeral home directors will always be needed. Those who follow a career path in nutrition or f... Read More »

How many different cells are in a human body?

The human body has various types of cells, including nervous, stem and muscle cells. The body has more than 75 trillion cells within it. Each kind of cell has its own specific function.Source:Molec... Read More »

What does Protein do for the human body?