Where is the Amazon Jungle?

Answer The Amazon jungle, or rain forest, takes up most of the Amazon River basin. Sixty percent lies in Brazil, but the forest reaches into Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Suriname a... Read More »

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Where is the mouth of the Amazon?

The mouth of the Amazon River, or where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean, is located in Brazil and, as normally measured, extends from the city of Cabo do Norte to Punto Patijoca, 210 miles ... Read More »

Where is the amazon forest?

The Amazon rainforest makes up 40 percent of South America's land mass and lies within eight countries. The Amazon rainforest can be found within the borders of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, ... Read More »

Where is the Amazon located?

The Amazon is a river in South America. From its headwaters in the Andes of Peru, the Amazon flows through Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean.Sour... Read More »

Where does the Amazon begin?

The source of the Amazon River is on the slope of the Nevado Mismi, an 18,000-foot-high mountain in Peru. The Nevado Mismi was originally identified in 1971 as the source of the Amazon, but it was... Read More »