How does some one externally feel their uterus for pregnancy and where exactly on the lower abdomen is it located?

Answer AnswerYou will be able to feel your uterus just above the pubic bone right at the bottom of your abdomen from about 13 weeks. The slimmer you are the easier it is to feel. At this stage it is about... Read More »

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If your pain is so bad, you need to go see a Dr. or go to the Emergency Room to find out what is causing your Abdominal pain. It could be a number of different things. Until you find out the exact ... Read More »

Pulsating in abdomen?

First off the pulse your feeling is coming from your aorta and if your thin it is very normal to be able to see it. I would also be worried if you couldn't feel it so if there is no pain involved a... Read More »

What does the grasshopper's abdomen do?

According to, the grasshopper's abdomen contains the "heart, reproductive organs, and most of the digestive system." While each organ and system has its own specific function ... Read More »

Pain in abdomen?

The best solution is to go to the doctor.