Where is the XP key on my HP computer?

Answer If your HP computer came with Windows XP pre-installed, an authenticity sticker is somewhere on the computer itself with the product key printed on it (laptops typically have this sticker on the ba... Read More »

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How do I find on my computer where it tells whether my computer has a 64 or 32 bit processor?

You need the 64bit version of windows. xp & vista both come in 64bit editions. actually, the software support for 64 isn't quite there yet for most applications. You can also run into a ton of prob... Read More »

Does anybody know where do i check to see where my resolution is on my computer?

Providing you are runnign WindowsXP. Right click on the desktop and go to properties. In the Display properties click on the Setting Tab and you should see screen resolution in there.

I can't seem to control the mouse on my computer it goes every where but to where I want it to go?

go to device manager and delete the mouse driver. reboot (you'll have to press the windows key to get to the start menu since you've disabled the mouse.) when windows reloads, it should automatical... Read More »

Where can I find the folder where my computer copies the downloaded files that are sent to my thumb drive?

Yes, the folder apparently is hidden from you. I don't know how to change the setting in Vista, but in XP you use the Tools/Folder Options menu selection, and in the View tab, there is a list of t... Read More »