Where is the Windows XP registry located?

Answer There is no one Registry file in Windows XP. Instead there are several files that comprise the full Windows XP registry and these files can be found in the "config" folder inside your "system32" fo... Read More »

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Where in the registry is the MTU located in Windows XP?

The Windows XP registry key controlling maximum transmission unit size (MTU) for point-to-point protocol (PPP) and virtual private networking (VPN) is located under:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Curre... Read More »

Where are the Windows 2000 startup items located in the registry?

Windows 2000 stores startup items in the "Run" and "RunOnce" sections of the registry. The two most common locations are "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and "HKEY... Read More »

Where are the backup registry files located in Windows 98SE?

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition creates its backup registry file in the Windows/Sysbckup folder. The file is called "", where x is a number from 0 to 5. A new file overwrites t... Read More »

Where is the Microsoft registry located?

The Microsoft Registry, also known as the Windows Registry, and its supporting files can be found in the SystemRoot\System32\Config folder. You can open the registry editor by typing "REGEDIT" fro... Read More »