What year was the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock built?

Answer The Western Wall, or Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem was built in 20 B.C. during the reign of King Herod, according to the Sacred Destinations website. It was built as part of a retaining wall that surr... Read More »

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No visible damage on wall between bathroom where leak occured and bedroom. how do i ensure inside wall is dry?

If leak was in wall you have to cut hole in sheet rock. If it was in bathroom floor it wont go thru under wall. There is 2 x 4 flat on floor. Set small fan blowing on it all day to be sure wood ... Read More »

Is it necessary when raising a load bearing wall 4 feet to install a new beam in the exact spot where the wall originally was?

that depends: if it's carrying old dimensional lumber floor or ceiling joists that are lapped at the wall, yes. if it's carrying floor or roof trusses, you may be able to get a repair detail from... Read More »

How to Summon the Final Boss in the Wailing Caverns?

The Wailing Caverns is a low-level dungeon on the online game "World of Warcraft." The dungeon is for players of level 17 to 20 and is located in the Barrens in Horde territory. This dungeon is low... Read More »

Where is the sea in the Great Wall of China?

There is no sea in the Great Wall of China, which runs approximately 3,900 miles across northern China. At its eastern end, the Great Wall does end near the Yellow Sea.References:China Highlights: ... Read More »