Where is the USB plug on the computer?

Answer The port that sez "usb" I take mastercard,visa,electron,visa Sorry no cheques,i will also need your pin numbers.

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Where do I plug in the camera to my computer?

Use the USB cable supplied with your digital camera to plug the camera into your computer. Insert the USB (slender rectangle) end into a USB port on your computer tower or laptop. The smaller end o... Read More »

Where on the computer do you plug in your ipod?

Answer Usually the USB port - flat, rectangular port that is about 1/2 inch in length. Look at the size of you Ipod plug and that will indicate where to plug it in to your computer.

Where do you plug earphones on desktop computer?

Most Likely On the back it will be green and next to a pink microphone jack Hope This Helps

How do i find out where i plug the power button in on my computer?

It should be close to the Speaker, Reset, and other buttons. It may be labled as PWR on the mother board.