Where is the Toyota Prius built?

Answer As of March 2010, the Toyota Prius is manufactured in Japan and China. However, the company plans to open a Prius production facility in Blue Springs, Mississippi, in late 2010. Toyota already has... Read More »

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Where is the Toyota Prius made?

The Toyota Prius is manufactured in Japan. It has also been made in Changchun, China since December 2006. Toyota is also in talks to have the Toyota Prius made in California, USA.Source:Green Car C... Read More »

Where is the toyota prius manufactured?

Though the Prius is traditionally manufactured in Japan, Toyota announced in 2008 that three of its American plants would be retooled to produce the vehicles over the course of 2009 and 2010. the A... Read More »

Where was the 2000 toyota prius manufactured?

The 2000 Toyota Prius was manufactured in Japan at Toyota's Tsutsumi plant. The plant has manufactured every Toyota Prius from 1998 to 2010. Toyota's Tsutsumi plant is an "Eco-Factory," with proced... Read More »

Where Is the PVC Valve Located on a Toyota 2002 Prius?

The 2002 Prius is a full hybrid electrical car designed and manufactured by Toyota. The Prius is equipped with a PCV valve. The positive crankcase ventilation valve removes exhaust gases from the e... Read More »