Where is the Taskbar on a computer?

Answer The Windows Taskbar is a long horizontal bar that runs across the screen, usually at the bottom. The Taskbar can also be relocated to the left, right or top of the screen. The Taskbar can also be m... Read More »

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How to Fix the Taskbar on a Computer?

The taskbar is the access point for all the programs that are running and anything else that is opened. The taskbar thus acts as the launch area for files, folders and programs currently running on... Read More »

I need computer help- I can't find my taskbar!!?

Mac or PC? If PC go back out to windows and start clicking around at the bottom of the screen to find it. You could always go back to a date when you had it as well.(kinda like a rewind) Good lu... Read More »

How Do I Move the Taskbar & the Start Menu on My Computer to the Bottom of the Page?

The Windows Start menu and taskbar have a bad habit of appearing in places other than the bottom of the page. This is not due to a glitch or software malfunction; it is due to human error. It's eas... Read More »

I can,t see my taskbar?