Where is the Sony plasma TV made?

Answer Although Sony does not manufacture plasma technology as of April 2010, its LCD and LED-based Bravia flat-panel technology is produced in Japan. After the LCD panels are made, they likely travel to ... Read More »

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Are sony plasma TVs a good choice for first time buyers of plasma TVs?

Sony TV's have been around for a long time. If you are a first time buyer of a plasma TV Sony is a reputable company and would offer many excellent choices for you.

We just bought a Sony Plasma and have also purchased a Sony receiver; we also have DirecTV. We ?

Looks like there is no video to the TV because you haven't connected the DirectTV box to the HTS. (or you connected it, but you have the HTS in the Wrong Source)Connect Video out from Direct TV to ... Read More »

How much is a Sony plasma lcd tv?

The price of a Sony Plasms LCD TV all depends on the size of the TV you want. A 32 inch will cost about 450, a 40 incich will be about 800, and a 46 inch will be about 1200.

Who makes Sony plasma TVs?

Sony. But they do use circuit boards and parts from other manufacturer's, such as Samsung, etc. It's just a matter of economics.