Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?

Answer Answer No.

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Where would I find tofu at a grocery store?

Refrigated section. Not frozen aisle but near there. Tofu needs to be keep cold but could be frozen but most stores dont freeze it. Try some smaller Oriental stores that might have it. Otherwise, i... Read More »

Best grocery store in LA?

When you go to the grocery store what do you buy?

The main things I buy are:- Milk- Orange Juice- Eggs- Cheese- Bread- Some kind of Fruits- Some Kind of Veggies- Breakfast cereal- A piece of Meat- Rice- Can Foods- Chicken nuggets- Hot... Read More »

Can you buy meringue powder at a grocery store?

While it is possible to find meringue powder--a powder made from dehydrated egg whites, sugar, gum, cornstarch and flavorings and used in place of raw egg whites in recipes--in some grocery stores,... Read More »