Where is the SIM card located on a Motorola ihdt56as1?

Answer The Motorola phone model with the FCC code ihdt56as1 is the discontinued Motorola v60i. Some versions do not have a SIM card. For the ones that do, the SIM card can be found under the back plate of... Read More »

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Where is my Motorola V9m SIM card located?

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card on the Motorola V9m phone in located under the battery. Access it by turning the phone facedown and remove the battery cover and battery.References:Motorol... Read More »

Where is the SIM card on a Motorola V9m?

The Motorola V9m does not use a SIM card. This model is locked into the Sprint network. Sprint uses Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network technology rather than Global System for Mobile Comm... Read More »

Where is the SIM card in the Motorola V710?

The Motorola V710 is powered by CDMA. CDMA means "code division multiple access." Instead of assigning a specific frequency to each user on the communications network, CDMA transmits over the entir... Read More »

Where is my NIC card located?

A NIC card (or network interface card) is a device that can be used with a personal computer to access a network. NIC cards can be installed using a PCI card slot on a PC computer, but most NIC car... Read More »