Where is the Royal Canadian mint located?

Answer The Royal Canadian Mint, or Monnaie Royale Canadienne in French, is located at 320 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada. It was founded in 1908. Hand-crafted collector and commemorative coins, medallions... Read More »

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Who owns the Royal Canadian Mint?

The Royal Canadian Mint is owned by England and has reported to Parliament through the minister of transport, infrastructure and communities since 1969. Originally, the Royal Canadian Mint was owne... Read More »

Royal Canadian Land Grants?

Canada is a vast and sparsely settled land. As in the rest of North America, immigration and the granting of land for homesteading played a vital role in building the nation. The British Crown and ... Read More »

How many aircraft are in the royal Canadian air force?

The RCAF was merged into the 'Canadian Forces' and is now known as the Canadian Forces Air Command. It has approximately 391 aircraft in its fleet.

Where is the mint mark located on coins?

In the United States the two most common mint marks are the letters "S" and "D." The marks are found most often on the field of the coin, under the emblem on the back (like the half dollar coin) or... Read More »