Where is the Niger delta located?

Answer The Niger delta is in southern Nigeria, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It is about 200 miles wide along the coast and extends about 150 miles inland. An area called the interior Niger delta is... Read More »

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Where is a delta located?

A delta is a triangular landform divided by the mouth of a river before it flows into the ocean, sea, lake or other large body of water. On two sides, the delta is divided by branches from the rive... Read More »

Where is a delta landform located?

A delta is a fertile area of land created at the mouth of a river. It is often shaped like a triangle, and contains silt and soil. One example is the Mississippi River delta.Source:The Free Diction... Read More »

How to Travel in Niger?

In NigerTravel in one of the least developed countries on earth can be slow and arduous. In order to enjoy the true splendor of Niger and its various regions, some tips on travel in bush taxis and ... Read More »

Uses of Aspergillus Niger?

Aspergillus Niger is a fungus that is harmful to humans and animals in large quantities and beneficial in small, controlled amounts. It can cause black mold to grow on plants and, like most molds, ... Read More »