What do you do if you hate where the judge has placed you for the next 2 years and won't let you decide where you want to spend your next 2 years?

Answer Run away.

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What's wrong if you've had a painless lump on the gum for 2 years that lets out bloody pus when you break the bubble and it's located over an area where the molar was removed 25 years ago?

Answer You obviously have an infected mass in your mouth and you're asking strangers online to diagnose what it may be? Aaack! Make an appointment with a dentist immediately! You'll be glad you d... Read More »

Is there any way I can get out of going to college 8 years or more to become a M.D.?

Sure, but I ain't gonna be your patient!!!!!

Headache that's going on for 10 years and is getting worse?

this sounds really serious,but instead of delaying it any longer, you really need to get it checked out by a professional, tell your doctor all of the symptoms just how you described it the... Read More »

I am HINDU,CANNOT eat at place where beef is cooked. What/where to eat in USA where I am going to travel?

You can look up vegetarian restaurants or Indian restaurants in the yellow pages of the phone book.