Where is the Navy ship Tennessee?

Answer The USS Tennessee, commissioned June 3, 1920, was a 32,300-ton battleship primarily based in the Pacific. She was damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor and later continued her service after repairs... Read More »

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How did the union ship monitor and the confederate ship change the navy's around the world?

What is the Difference Between a Navy Ship&a Naval Ship?

A U.S. Navy ship is designated "USS" for "United States Ship" and is crewed by U.S. Navy sailors. A U.S. Naval Ship, while owned by the Navy, is crewed by Civil Service mariners, designated "USNS,"... Read More »

Who was the first Navy LDO to be captain of a Navy ship?

Captain Tito Arandela became the Navy's first security limited duty officer (LDO) to reach the rank of captain, on February 25, 2008. Captain Arandela serves as NECC force security and anti-terrori... Read More »

What was the first ship in the u.s. navy known as?

In 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the first navy ship. It was called the Alfred. Neither Continental Navy ships nor ships under the Federal Navy were named by any formal process. Many ea... Read More »