ANYONE: Does the Valley Light rail (in Arizona) take you to/near Graham Cantral Station in Tempe, AZ?

Answer Checking their maps and Google Earth, it look like at LEAST a 5 mile walk from the Tempe Transit Center to your destination.It seems though you can grab the #62 bus there and get within just a few ... Read More »

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Where in hawaii is pearl harbor located?

Pearl Harbor is located on Oahu, Hawaii. It is situated on the south coast of the island, adjacent to the city of Honolulu. Pearl Harbor extends more than 5 miles inland. It consists of one main ba... Read More »

Where is the south pole station located?

The Amundsen Scott South Pole Station sits right at the Earth's axis in Antarctica, on a shifting sheet of ice that is several miles in thickness. There are two other Antarctic Program stations cal... Read More »

Where is the naval air station in Kingsville located?

The Kingsville Naval Air Station is located in Kingsville, Texas, off Highway 77 in Kleberg County. The station is roughly 43 miles southwest of Corpus Cristi and 137 miles northwest of South Padre... Read More »

Where was the first railroad station located?

The first railroad station was the Liverpool Road Station in Manchester, England, originally part of the Liverpool and Manchester Railroad. This brick station was constructed in 1830 and still stan... Read More »