Where is the Kahului cruise port in Maui located?

Answer The cruise port of Kahului is located on the north coast of Maui, on the flat isthmus between the West Maui Mountains and Mt. Haleakala. Kahului is Maui's largest city and home to both the Maui har... Read More »

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How far from Kahului, Maui to Lahaina, Maui?

The driving distance between Kahului, Maui and Lahaina, Maui is 23.3 miles. It should take approximately 40 minutes to drive between the two locations, observing all posted speed limits.References:... Read More »

Is Kahului in Maui?

Kahului is located in Maui, one of the islands comprising the state of Hawaii. Kahului is home to about one third of Maui's population. It's a port city, and much of the island's shipping traffic o... Read More »

Is there a King Soopers in Kahului, Maui?

There are no King Soopers stores in Kahului, Maui. Additionally, there are no King Soopers locations in Hawaii at all. The closest King Soopers location can be found in California.Source:King Soop... Read More »

When is Homeland Security TSA KAhului maui hiring again for 2009?

As with other members of the Presidential Cabinet, the US Secretary of Homeland Security is expected to resign when a new President takes office. (from wiseGEEK, in related links)