Where is the Florida Department of Labor?

Answer The Florida Department of Labor is at 200 E. Gaines St., Tallahassee, FL 32399. You can find government agencies within the Department of Labor. The Agency for Workforce Innovation is an extension... Read More »

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What do The Department of Commerce and The Department of Labor do together?

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Who is the secretary of department of labor?

yes, it is a violation of Homeland Security laws if someone uses your address without permission, because your address is a very personal and private thing, and must be asked for permission to use ... Read More »

Department of Labor Laws in Virginia?

In addition to federal labor laws, the Commonwealth of Virginia has a variety of laws in place that protect workers on the job. The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry oversees the enforcemen... Read More »

Ohio Department of Labor Laws?

The Ohio Bureau of Labor & Worker Safety is a division of the state's Department of Commerce. Three categories of labor laws are listed on the Bureau's official website. Those laws cover prevailing... Read More »