The History of Bowling Lanes?

Answer More than 100 million people bowl worldwide. There are thousands of recreational leagues in the United States alone. The Federation Internationale des Quilleurs, or FIQ, acts as a governing body fo... Read More »

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How long are bowling lanes?

A regulation bowling lane, or alley, is 62 feet, 10 3/16 inches long from the foul line to the pit. However, an alley can be up to 62 feet, 10 11/16 inches long because of an allowable half-inch to... Read More »

How to Start a Bowling Alley?

Bowling is considered a wholesome, family-friendly activity. This could help make a bowling alley an excellent investment opportunity for people looking to generate a year-round profit. You can sta... Read More »

How to Ask a Girl out in a Bowling Alley?

Wanna ask out a girl in the bowling alley? You came to the right WikiHow page, future stud!

How to Run a Bowling Alley Business?

Once you have started your bowling alley business, running it on a day to day basis can be both challenging and rewarding. Bowling is a sport that people of all ages enjoy and bowling alleys are us... Read More »