Where is the Dutch language spoken?

Answer Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands as well as the colonies of Aruba, Netherlands Antilles and Suriname. It isn't as frequently spoken in Suriname. Dutch is also spoken in the northern part of Belgi... Read More »

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What is the language derived from Dutch and spoken in South Africa?

Afrikaans is one of 11 official languages of South Africa. Afrikaans developed from the 17th century Dutch spoken by settlers who lived near Cape Town. Originally, Afrikaans was called Cape Dutch b... Read More »

The Differences in Learning Sign Language and Spoken Language?

In some ways, learning a sign language is very similar to learning a spoken language. The concepts of vocabulary and grammar still hold true in sign language. However, there are key differences bet... Read More »

Is the Dutch language a tonal language?

No. Tonal languages use pitch to create distinctions in meaning. All languages, including Dutch, do use intonation to convey emotion and nuance, but only truly tonal languages employ variations in ... Read More »

Where is the pashto language spoken?

Pashto is an Indo-Iranian language primarily spoken in the Middle Eastern countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. There are three Pashto dialects, known as Northern, Southern and Central Pasht... Read More »