Where do I write to support my favorite tv show Stargate Universe?

Answer Try the contact link below .

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What are your favourite movies where somebody discovers a new world/universe?

"Harry Potter"... "The Chronicles Of Narnia""Hook""Matrix""Spirited Away"!! :)And The Neverending Story!!BQ: Both of them!!! Spirited Away!!BBQ: Lèon, obviously!! I love this movie!! :DBB3: King K... Read More »

How to Love the Universe?

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How to Be Miss Universe?

Have any of you out there have wanted be in the International Pageant Miss Universe? Then these steps will help you

Who controls the universe?

i do and when i wish it to disapear it will and will nall be doomed as you are mere mortals and i will burn your kind throughout eternity ha ha , by the way doomsday is next Tuesday