Will Blockbuster buy my used Blu-Rays?

Answer I don't see many or any Blockbuster rental store any longer. You can however trade it in at Best Buy for a $5.00 credit. Or you can sell it on ebay. Hope this will help you out.

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Which is better: Netflix or Blockbuster?

Well I have Netflix, the only problem I have ever had with them was that one of the DVD's came broken in half (I am guessing it happened while it was in the mail). I called Netflix customer servic... Read More »

What are Blockbuster Policies?

Well, before you leave with the game to your house, they check it for any damage. And when you bring it back, they do the same.And you'll probably have to pay a minimal fine if it doesn't work prop... Read More »

Which would you recommend,Blockbuster or Netflix?

Netflix on principal. I refuse to do business with Blockbuster. Because of the Kids - Blockbuster charged me ridicules late fees for years. Was paying more than $20 a month in late fees when I swi... Read More »

When was Blockbuster video established?

Blockbuster Inc. was founded in 1985 and became one of the leaders in video as well as DVD rentals. The very first Blockbuster video store to open was in Dallas, Texas.Source:Funding Universe: Bloc... Read More »