Where is your location when viewing the North Star from the North Pole?

Answer When viewing the north star from the north pole, your location is 90 degrees north latitude and 0 degrees west longitude. The north star Polaris is located directly above on the earth's celestial p... Read More »

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In Feng Shui, where is the best place to put a humidifer or water fountain Also, is North actually North..?

The origins of feng shui dated back more than 6000 years ago and the origin of 60 years matrix calculation.

Where is delta, utah?

Delta is located in west-central Utah. With a population of about 3,500, it is the largest incorporated community in Millard County. Delta is about 100 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City, the ... Read More »

Where is Centerville, Utah on a map?

Centerville is located between Interstate 15 and the Wasatch National Forest in northern Utah, approximately 14 miles north of downtown Salt Lake City. Centerville's G.P.S. coordinates are 40.91800... Read More »

Where is 40 degrees north latitude?

Forty degrees north latitude lies parallel to the equator almost halfway between the North Pole (90 degrees north latitude) and the equator (0 degrees latitude). Near this parallel lie the cities o... Read More »