Where is the Beverly hillbillies mansion?

Answer [The house WAS located on South Oakland Avenue in Pasadena. It was torn down in 1997 when someone purchased 4 lots, tore down the mansions on them and combined the lots to build the largest house i... Read More »

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Who owned the Beverly hillbillies mansion?

Jed Clampett bought it with his vast millions

The Beverly Hillbillies where are they all now?

Jed Clampett(Buddy Ebsen) is died so is Granny Clampett(Irene Ryan) but Elly May Clampett(Donna Douglas) is 76 and will be turning 77 on September 26th and Jethro Clampett(Max Baer Jr.) is 72 and w... Read More »

How did the Beverly Hillbillies end?

Since the cancellation was a surprise to the show's company (it was cancelled in CBS's legendary "rural purge" at the end of the 1970-71 season), there was no "finalé episode." The last episode wa... Read More »

What is the name of the chimp on Beverly Hillbillies?