Can you smoke on balkan airlines?

Answer Passengers are not allowed to smoke on any Balkan Bulgarian Airlines flight. Smoking has been banned on all Balkan Airlines domestic flights since 1985. The airline banned smoking on all internatio... Read More »

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Where are the Balkan Mountains on a world map?

The Balkan Mountains are located in the European countries of Serbia and Bulgaria. They extend for approximately 350 miles from eastern Serbia through central Bulgaria to the Black Sea. Also called... Read More »

How to Make Traditional Bulgarian Balkan Tomato Sauce?

How to make traditional Bulgarian Balkan tomato sauce, easy and delicious.

Is Hiati a Peninsula?

Political ideology (Maoism vs. National Socialism), mainly.

Who discovered the yucatan peninsula?

The Yucatan Peninsula was discovered by the Cuban explorer Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba. Cordoba was commissioned by Cuba's governor Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez to explore the area in 15... Read More »