Where is the Apple computer factory?

Answer Though Apple computers were originally produced in the United States, contemporary Apple computers are manufactured by partner-companies Foxconn and Inventec, according to Bind Apple. Both of these... Read More »

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Where is the apple factory?

If you say Apple Inc than you are wrong.The iPhone is a global effort. Tens of thousands of people at more than 30 companies on 3 continents work together to make Apple's first phone possible. Appl... Read More »

Difference between factory unlocked apple iphone 3gs and jailbroken apple iPhone 3GS?

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How to Reset My Computer to Factory?

Resetting a computer to the state it was in when it left the factory is often a last resort option when rescuing a computer from becoming an expensive doorstop. If you have the System Restore opti... Read More »

Would you rather have an apple computer or a dell computer which is easier to use?

if you know what you want & you can afford it: apple is good.. but, dell is easier to use... mostly because most softwares are compatible, and not with apple.