Where is the Amityville house?

Answer The Amityville House is in the upscale Long Island suburb of Amityville, NY, at 108 Ocean Avenue, formerly 112 Ocean Avenue. The site of a brutal set of murders and supposed hauntings during the 19... Read More »

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Who owns the Amityville house?

Brian Wilson (no relation to the Beach Boy) bought the house at 108 Ocean Avenue (formerly 112) in Amityville, NY for $310,000 in 1997. Wilson has reported no strange phenomena since moving into th... Read More »

Does the Amityville house still exist?

The "Amityville Horror House," the site of the brutal Defeo murders and reported paranormal phenomena during the 1970s, still exists in the Long Island, N.Y., community of Amityville. The exterior ... Read More »

Where is the amityville house located?

The Amityville house, the site of reported paranormal phenomena during the 1970s and the inspiration for a popular horror movie, is located on Long Island in Amityville, NY. The address was changed... Read More »

What is the house used in'The Amityville Horror'movie?

The house used in the 1979 movie "Amityville Horror" was not the Long Island house in which the DeFeo family was murdered. According to horror site The Cabinet, filmmakers wanted to set the movie i... Read More »