If your planning on taking spring classes, do I enter 2008-2009 school year on my FAFSA or 2009-2010?

Answer You are confusing me Spicy, I am still in high school. :)

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Internal assessments should take place with external assessments taking place every years?

Where is Jane Eyre taking place?

The novel has 5 main settings in northern England:Jane's childhood "home" with the Reeds at GatesheadLowood SchoolMr. Rochester's house called Thornfieldthe Rivers' home at Moor HouseMr. Rochester'... Read More »

What is your favorite movie about or taking place during a war.?

Yowee there's tons of them.Saving Private Ryan was way goodUmmm the one where that guys says "I Love the smell of Napalm in the Morning"another one maybe not War so much, with Jessica Beale, about ... Read More »

You are looking for a tv episodes that were taking place in Amsterdam and it was criminal?

I've seen all the episodes and I don't think it's ever been mentioned. In any case, he's probably retired now.