What do I do at a superbowl party where I don't know anybody?

Answer It is a well known fact that girls who attend superbowl parties are bored out of their minds. So just start dancing and they will flock to you. My personal favorite dance is called the 'gravedigger... Read More »

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Where is the oil drain on a 2009 HHR?

The 2009 Chevrolet HHR's oil drain is a small 15mm hole located on the back side of the oil pan. The oil pan itself is a metallic silver box underneath the HHR on the passenger's side.Source:ChevyH... Read More »

Where is Jay Leno 2009?

Freddy most likely cause they kissed just to get it over with but i think he doesnt want to tell her

Where do you buy the tv series v 2009?

You can buy V 2009 in DVD or blu-ray copies, or watch it online.

Where was the 2009 baseball All-Star game?

The 2009 All-Star game was held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The American League won 4-3 over the National League. Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays was the game's MVP. President Barack Obama t... Read More »