Where is that bottom part, I cant see?

Answer bottom part of what?

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I can see part of the top or bottom of my fios tv screen how do i fix that?

You need to set the zoom/aspect mode on the TV to Full or whatever gives you what you want.

I got hit on the bottom left part of my jaw and my lip in that section has been numb since.....?

If it's tingling, that's a sign of a nerve recovering. If it's swollen, numbness is typical since the extra fluid will constrict the area and that fluid protects whatever damage was done.I'd follow... Read More »

What are those things called that have adhesive on the bottom and you stick it to the bottom of a tub to?

I hate those things. They look cute at first, but after a few weeks they're all dirty and soap scummy and you have to replace them. It's a sham.

Can someone tell me where i can get the ringtone that adults cant hear?

Oh yes, because a magical fairy comes to all people when they turn 18 and changes their hearing so now that they are an adult, they can't hear certain tones.....NOT!!!Yes, as we get older, SOME peo... Read More »