Where is testicular cancer located?

Answer The location of testicular cancer depends on its stage. In the early stages, testicular cancer is found within the testicles. In later stages, testicular cancer may spread to spermatic cord, scrotu... Read More »

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Testicular cancer help?

Most health care facilities have funds or grants set up to help people that are in your situation. Ask the billing department for help. The American cancer society website also has links to financi... Read More »


I'm 14 and think I might have testicular cancer!?

Woah one bigger than other one? One thing you can do to make sure is...Get a pregnancy test. Pee on it. If it appears 2 lines that means your pregnant but youre a man... So if 2 appears that means ... Read More »

Testicular cancer at 15?

I'm no doctor but I would go to one asap just to be sure