Where is system restore on Win 2000?

Answer Windows 2000 does not have a system restore feature. It was not introduced until Windows Me and Windows XP. A system running Windows 2000 can only be restored from a system backup.Source:How to bac... Read More »

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How do I Restore System State in Windows 2000?

Systems with Windows XP, Vista and 7 running on them have a System Restore option that allows a user to restore the computer to an earlier state. Older Windows programs such as Windows 2000 do not ... Read More »

Where do you find the system restore option?

You can find system restore under "System Tools," according to Microsoft. A far easier way to access the system restore, however, is to click on the start button and enter "System Restore" in the s... Read More »

Where are system restore points stored?

System restore points are stored in the "system volume information" folder in the computer's root directory. The folder remains hidden from view and protected unless the system administrator change... Read More »

Where is system restore data stored?

Windows system restore files and data are stored on the C:\ root drive in "My Computer." After accessing the C:\ drive, you must double-click on "System Volume Information" and "SystemRestore." Mod... Read More »