Where is the rosetta stone located now?

Answer The Rosetta Stone, an ancient Egyptian stone featuring one passage written in three different languages, played an important role in the modern deciphering of hieroglyphics. The British Museum in L... Read More »

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Where is the Stone Mountain Memorial located?

The Stone Mountain Memorial is located in the recreational area of Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta. The massive mountainside carving honors Confederate Civil War f... Read More »

What is the difference between stone veneer&manufactured stone?

A stone veneer is a thin layer of stone placed over another material to give the whole surface the look of being stone. Manufactured stone is a material made from concrete that imitates real stone.... Read More »

What Kind of Stone Is Gray Stone?

Gray stone is a color, not a type of material. Many stones come in various shades of gray, from a light blue-gray to deep gray, almost black, basalt. Many gray stones have color variations; some ma... Read More »

Doug Stone the voice actor is not the same as Doug Stone the country singer. Correct?

No the two Doug Stones are not the same. Doug Stone the voice actor began using his name professionally first, when he joined the AFTRA UNION in 1985. He does not release music albums or do concert... Read More »