Where is static electricity used in your everyday life?

Answer Static cling of clothes out of the dryerBalloons sticking to hair and clothesRubbing your feet on a carpet and receiving a shock on a doorknobRecently used comb can attract small bits of paper or lint

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How do I get rid of Static Electricity?

Get a spray bottle, fill it up with tap water, put about 2 tablespoons of your fav conditioner in it. Mix it up. When you get up in the morning, spritz your hair a bit. Comb it through. You should ... Read More »

How to Discharge Static Electricity?

It's likely you've experienced static electricity many times. Static electricity is a build up of separated electrons that can only discharge when the item or person with the electrical build up to... Read More »

How do i keep static electricity out of my hair?

Washing MethodsWash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Use hair conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. Hair that is dry or damaged is more susceptible to static.Styling ToolsBrush or comb your... Read More »

How can i control static electricity on me?

Static electricity is more active when the air and materials are dry. The humidity is normally lower in the winter, and heating the house further reduces the humidity. Also, locations with a desert... Read More »