Where is starch found in plant cells?

Answer Starch is converted and stored in amyloplasts, which are a type of organelle located within plant cells, says the Enchanted Learning website. Organelles are basically the organs of cells. Accordin... Read More »

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Is cell membrane found in animal cells or plant cells?

The cell membrane, the outside casing or membrane of a cell, is found in both plant and animal cells. In fact, the cell membrane is a universal feature found in the cells of all living organisms. T... Read More »

Organelles Found in Both Plant & Bacterial Cells?

Bacteria are considered some of the least complicated forms of life. Bacterial organelles are not enclosed in a membrane as plant cells are. Instead, they float around in a jelly-like substance cal... Read More »

Organelles Found in Both Prokaryotic & Plant Cells?

Every living organism is made up of one of two cell types: prokaryotic cells or eukaryotic cells. Plants consist of eukaryotic cells while prokaryotic cells appear as bacterial forms. And while euk... Read More »

List of Organelles Found in Plant Cells?

Plant cells share many characteristics with animal cells. Every cell has a nucleus that holds the genetic code of the organism. Both types of cell have cytoplasm, which is a substance outside the n... Read More »