Where is spell check in Outlook Express?

Answer Outlook Express does not have a built-in spell checking feature, but it is able to use the spell checking feature in Microsoft Word. Additionally, some companies have made third-party spell checkin... Read More »

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How do I add spell check to Outlook Express?

Open Outlook Express. Click on the "Tools" menu in toolbar and then select "Options." Click on the "Spelling" tab. If you are able to select the "Spelling" tab, you have now activated spell check i... Read More »

How do I add spell check to Outlook Express 6?

Download and install Spell Check OE 2.1. This is a free spell checker that is compatible with Outlook Express 6. Outlook Express doesn't have the spell checker feature like other Microsoft products... Read More »

How to: Spell Check for Outlook Express 2007?

Users who have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 may find, to their surprise, that spell-check in Outlook Express does not work. This happens because the old spell check files were removed ... Read More »

How do i activate spell check in Outlook Express?

Click "Tools" then "Options" in Microsoft Outlook Express.Click the "Spelling" tab on the menu.Check "Always check spelling before sending."Source:Microsoft: Top Ten Countdown in Outlook ExpressMic... Read More »