South Korea Traffic Laws?

Answer South Korean traffic laws can vary from those of other countries, so visitors planning to drive cars or motorbikes are well-advised to learn the country's traffic laws. The traffic fatality rate in... Read More »

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Hotels in Gyeongju, South Korea?

Gyeongju South Korea is an ancient coastal city. During the 8th century it was the capital city of the kingdom that ruled most of the Korean Peninsula at that time. Because of this long history, Gy... Read More »

Are there harajuku shops in south korea?

Why would they? Koreans haven't embraced that style so no reason to have any shops to promote it. Korean culture is nothing like Japanese culture so don't expect to find the same things in both c... Read More »

International calling card for South Korea?

Try, they got access numbers in Canada or you can always use the toll free number. A Onesuite account gives you more option because it is also good for calling through voip aside from ... Read More »

How to Send Money From South Korea to the USA?

In addition the traditional bank wire transfer or postal money order methods for transferring funds, there are easier ways to send money from South Korea to the United States. You can mail a loaded... Read More »