Where is sisters of charity hospital?

Answer According to Catholic Health, the Sisters of Charity Hospital is located at 2157 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14213. The location is near Robie and Kensington Avenues, near the Scajaquada Expressway. The ... Read More »

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How many Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are there?

Founded in 1869 by five young women, the Franciscan sisters of Christian Charity now number a little over 300. They serve throughout the United States, mainly concentrated in Mississippi, Arizona, ... Read More »

Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many r... Read More »

Is it better to put unwanted clothes in a charity collection bank on the street or take it into a charity shop?

Yes, they would have you a receipt. YOU have to specify the value, but the receipt can be used with your other tax deductions. If you have a car that is not good for Trade-in, and too clunky to b... Read More »

Why are women often jealous of their husband's sisters and sisters-in-law?

In some cultures, some jealousy of the husband's family members may be that they are feeling like they have to compete with then or are feeling judged by them. In other cultures jealousy of this s... Read More »