Where is seratonin in your body?

Answer Serotonin is a neurotransmitter chemical naturally produced by the body and is located in the brain. It sends signals back and forth between the brain and different nerve cells throughout the entir... Read More »

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Where is your heart located in your body?

Your heart is situated between your lungs, near the center of your chest. It sits just behind and to the left of your sternum, or breast bone. The pericardium, a sac-like membrane with two layers, ... Read More »

Where on your body is the strongest?

my lead lined butt and my jelly belly. my weakest is my brain...full of air. brainfartism has set in. YOURS IS YOUR LEAD FOOT that are attached to your beautiful legs.

Where is the eye located in your body?

The eyes are located below the forehead and eyebrows of the face, within the eye socket area of the skull cavity. One eye is located on either side of the nose, typically taking form at the bridge ... Read More »

Where is there a lens in your body?