Where is russia located?

Answer Russia is located on the continents of Asia and Europe. The country is in the Northern Hemisphere and most of it is closer to the North Pole than the equator. Russia shares borders with 14 countrie... Read More »

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Is Russia located in Europe?

The Russian Federation is in Europe and Asia. It is the world's largest country. About 75 percent of the Russian people live in Europe; the other 25 percent live in Asia. Moscow is the capital of R... Read More »

What are the spices of Russia?

Petrushka, Ukrop, Selderey, Kin-Dza, Tarkhun, Rukkola =)

Is Russia a member of FDA?

Russia is not a member of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Russia has, however, signed a memorandum of understanding with the FDA on "technical cooperation and information exchange on food s... Read More »

What foods do they have in russia?

Very funny answers...I am from Russia :)))We eat absolutely the same you do. We even have your damn McDonald's... As for traditional food...A lot of different soups - made with beet - Borscht, made... Read More »