Where is pollen found in a flower?

Answer The University of Rhode Island states that the stamen inside a flower contains an anther, which bears the pollen produced by the pollen sac. Pollen is the male gametophyte of the plant. The stigma ... Read More »

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Do pollen grains transport genetic material from flower to flower?

Where is the pollen in a flower?

Pollen is in the anther of the flower in sacs. When the sacs release the pollen to the outside of the anther, insects brush up against the pollen when they enter the flower. The insect will transfe... Read More »

Where is pollen produced in a flower?

Pollen is produced in the male part of the flower known as the anther. The anther is a sac attached to the filament, which is a long structure in the flower. The anther is at the end of the filamen... Read More »

What part of the flower contains pollen?

The part of a flower that contains pollen is the anther. The pollen is contained within sacs that release the pollen when something, such as an insect, touches the flower. The anther is considered ... Read More »