Where is perrier water bottled?

Answer The Perrier water bottling company was established in France in 1863, but the beverage did not become popular in the United States until the late 1970s. The water is still bottled at its original l... Read More »

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Where did bottled water begin?

Bottled water, though present in society since ancient times, became commercialized in the 1700s when mineral water spas would present customers with bottled mineral water to take home with them. I... Read More »

Where is Fiji water bottled?

Fiji water is bottled at the same locale where the Fiji artesian water is extracted from. The Yaqara Valley in Viti Levu, Fiji sets the stage for Fiji water. Although Fiji water is bottled in this ... Read More »

Bottled or tap: Where do you stand in Canada's water battle?

At home, I use the Brita pitcher (and tap water) - while on the go, I usually buy something OTHER than water (pop, iced tea, juice, etc. - but only if I REALLY "need" it).And at work - I use a refi... Read More »

Where does Dasani bottled water come from?

Dasani water, a product of the Coca Cola Company, is bottled using processed water from the municipal water supply of the city where the bottling plant is located. Before bottling, Dasani water is ... Read More »