Where is pectin commonly found?

Answer Pectin is naturally occurring at varying levels in all plants, but it has especially high levels in citrus fruit and apples. Pectin is also a gelling agent found in prepared foods such as jelly, j... Read More »

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Where is kyanite commonly found?

The blue, sometimes gray or green crystals of kyanite (aluminum silicate) form in metamorphic rocks where the precursor sedimentary rocks had a high clay content. Kyanite deposits in the United Sta... Read More »

Where is the peridot commonly found?

Although peridot gemstones were originally mined in parts of Egypt, the gorgeous peridots mined in the 21st century likely come from Pakistan, thanks to the discovery of large amounts of the stone ... Read More »

Where is silver commonly found in the world?

Silver is found in and mined in 56 countries around the world. Silver is most commonly found in the United States, (Nevada produces one third of the U.S. silver), Canada, Mexico, Peru and China.Ref... Read More »

Where is oleander flower commonly found?

Commonly all over Mediterranean, but also in Arabian peninsula, southern Asia, and is also found in US.