How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy Without a Second Guinea Pig?

Answer You may think your guinea pig is not happy without a little buddy. If you follow these steps, he or she will be happy!

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Where can i get Guinea pig pet insurance?

Yes, the German Shepherd is on the aggressive dog list.

Where is guinea ecuatorial in africa?

Equatorial Guinea is a small African country located north of the equator on Africa's west coast, along the Bight of Biafra on the Atlantic Ocean, and includes some offshore islands. Equatorial Gui... Read More »

What tv show featured guinea pigs in the late 70's where they drove miniature cars and talked to each other with human voice overs?

The show that you're thinking of is called "Once Upon a Hamster" 9282 The main character was GP and he spoke like W C Fields. Can't remember anythingelse but would also love to know! Amanda Syd... Read More »

How to Buy a Guinea Pig?

Are you wondering how to get ready to buy a guinea pig? Well, if so I am going to tell you how. You have to have all of these things.