Where is my pound Sign?

Answer i have the same problem Acer is a American keyboard, and iv'e just tried all of the above and still can't find the pound sign either, so none of the above are correct.Ps i have an Acer 2410

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How do you type the pound sign on a zagg keyboard for iPad 2?

The same way for any other apple device. Make sure itunes is installed on your computer which it should be as it is required to set up the Ipad in the first place if you don't have itunes you can d... Read More »

What does the pound sign on twitter mean?

They are called hashtags, and are used to group all tweets (twittermessages) about a specific subject.

Where can my 85 pound child sit in the car?

4 feet 9 inches Most states say 12 years old.

Is a 20 pound pair of weights to much for a 105 pound girl?

If you can lift it then it's fine. The only thing I'd worry about would be getting too bulky. If that's what you're going for then I guess it's fine, but if you only want to tone and build strength... Read More »