What type of house is your dream house and where would it be?

Answer I think it would be cool to have a victorian type house in a big old tree.

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So far I have killed 7 flies in my house today...(do I have fly larvae in my house If so where would they be?

More then likely you are letting them in some how. Spiders tend to find crawl spaces and hybernate durring the winter. Flies do as well. Then summer comes along and POOF they are there. If you are ... Read More »

Does anybody remember an 80s childrens Sci Fi show about some kids who find shape-shifting aliens in an old house where they transform into worm like creatures and have caverns under the house?

gidday mate i was just looking fore the same thing and then it hit me, its called animorphs

Can my putting a modestly sized addition on my house diminish the value of my neighbor's house assuming it matches the existing house?

Given your categorization of this question, one must assume that you are both members of an association. Associations are run according to governing documents. So long as your addition is added acc... Read More »

What was the name of a 90's live-action toy animals children's programme where the toys where anthropomorphic animals that included a tiger who were forbidden to explore the house?

Kimchi ya it's kimchi i have no friken idea what kimchi means but basicly he looks like a fart cloud that never went out the window