Where is my AVG a.bin file gone ?

Answer Woah, I am so glad I finally decided to google, and found this question after uninstalling and reinstalling AVG over and over, cleaning files, bugfixing pc, defragging etc etc lol.I thought I was l... Read More »

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How do you file for child abandonment in Pennsylvania and how long does the other parent have to be gone for before you can file?

There is no legal bar, but it is unlikely that any public adoption agency would support your application. Many 18 year old people are unable to care for themselves so without some very special cir... Read More »

In Html coding how does the <img> file know where to be found where should i put the image file?

src attribute. not > and that in HTML, the tag is simply that and nothing more unless you want to specify .other than that they are the same.

When you purposely delete a file from your "Puter is it gone forever or stored somewhere in the records?

:DIt is if I delete it.(I use "Crap Cleaner, and it's set on "NSA". ) :)It is in most cases with a home computer. However... there are some excellent recovery programs 'out there' for the "oops" t... Read More »

Where is my 200 MB gone ?

Are you using MS Windows? If so then your computer us downloading way more than may be aware!This is unfortunate but do read on: MS Windows runs updates in the background (the default setting unl... Read More »