Where is moonstone mined?

Answer Moonstone is a relatively common gemstone. It is mined in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, while more sources of moonstone are located in India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania and the United States.Sour... Read More »

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Where is moonstone found?

Found just about anywhere in the world, moonstone generally occurs in fairly large pieces, making it one of the larger gemstones available. Top-producing countries of this stone include Sri Lanka, ... Read More »

Where is soapstone mined?

Most of the soapstone installed in the United States is mined in either the Mariana or Goias areas of Brazil. Soapstone is also mined in other parts of the world including Virginia, Finland, Vermon... Read More »

Where is tourmaline mined?

Tourmaline is mined all over the world. Some of the most well-known tourmaline mines in the United States are located in California and Maine. Other countries with tourmaline mines include Brazil,... Read More »

Where is gypsum mined?

The mineral gypsum is found worldwide near the surface of the earth. The United States, Australia and Canada are the top three producers of gypsum. Oklahoma, California, Iowa, Texas, Nevada, Michig... Read More »