Where is moonstone found?

Answer Found just about anywhere in the world, moonstone generally occurs in fairly large pieces, making it one of the larger gemstones available. Top-producing countries of this stone include Sri Lanka, ... Read More »

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Where is moonstone mined?

Moonstone is a relatively common gemstone. It is mined in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, while more sources of moonstone are located in India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Tanzania and the United States.Sour... Read More »

Moonstone Gem Facts?

Available in different colors, moonstone gems are believed to carry mystical powers and are sought after by the adherents of some religions. It's considered a sacred gem by Asian Indians and is use... Read More »

How is moonstone formed?

Moonstone is a luminescent mineral gemstone long believed in many cultures to have magical properties. The stones are mostly milky white with a blue iridescence, although rainbow moonstone can als... Read More »

The Significance of Moonstone?

Moonstone is best characterized by the way its color seems to undulate with light. It is as if movement actually brings the stone to three-dimensional life. In the jewelry trade, this is called adu... Read More »