Where is model number on old snapper mower?

Answer I found the label to be on the mower bed on the left, looking at the mower from the handle side,and just past the engine.Model number was damaged but the Serial number was clear. The name of the Mf... Read More »

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How do I identify a Snapper mower model?

Locate Model ID Tag/PlateRead your owner's manual to find model number, if possible. Locate a small tag or plate on your Snapper mower that lists a specific model and serial number, alternately. Lo... Read More »

How to Read a Snapper Lawn Mower Serial Number?

Snapper lawn mowers are widely used by homeowners as well as commercial lawn care companies. Available in a range of models designed to meet most lawn care needs, Snapper lawn mowers are widely rec... Read More »

Where is the model number on a Toro mower?

Toro lawn mowers have serial numbers in one of several locations. Look between the wheels on top of the frame on the back side of the machine, under the dashboard, main frame or the wheel break are... Read More »

Where is the model number on a Tecumseh 10 hp xl Murray mower engine?

The Tecumseh Formula Vertical Engine Model TVM220 includes the model number along with other pertinent information on an information panel located on the right side of the red engine casing toward ... Read More »